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  • I live in My house.
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Making Rainbow Loom Bracelets!
  • I am GIRL!
  • LalaloopsyAndMLP406

    Hello everyone! I am Lalaloopsy406! And I will tell you some things about me! Okay the people who inspired to make videos are LalaloopsyLandVideos, 4everlalaloopsy, LalaloopsyESB, TheLalaloopsylandClub (she was lalaloopsy9990), TheLalaloopsyShow, and Lalaloopsy15. I am like a huge fan of this thing that is called "Vocaloid and UTAU" And they are these Japenese anime people who sing and UTAU is the same thing except you get to create one! I am like IN LOVE with smosh! They are like I can't even tell you! And I feel like Anthony Padilla is like a boy version of me! :P Well I go CRAZY for Asian food! Like Orange chicken and chow main. Oh yea! Forgot to say I am in love with Epic Rap Battles Of History! :D Okay my favorite people who sing (or …

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  • LalaloopsyAndMLP406


    September 9, 2013 by LalaloopsyAndMLP406
    D This wiki is pretty cool! I mean  AWESOME! This is me Lalaloopsy406 (maybe your favorite Lalaloopsy YouTuber. XD) JK! Your favorite Lalaloopsy YouTuber should be LalaloopsyLandVideos! :D
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