Character change.

Crumbs as me

Jewel as Emma

Happy as Marisa

Dollop as Karina

Swirly as Mire

Mari as Armina

(Lalaloopsy middle school season2 episode7 "are your my friend or not?") ever since jewel kicked crumbs out of the team, she has no choice but to chose happy to hang out with. Dollop on the other hand usually hangs out with jewel,swirly,mari. But till one day. Happy: "crumbs,lets go to your locker." Crumbs: "Kay." (She said as she saw dollop coming forwards them.) both:"dollop?" Dollop: "yep it's me.i was wondering if I can come with you guys to walk to lunch." Crumbs:(scartasicly) "aren't you supposed to be with jewel and swirly, mari?" Dollop:"yeh,they think that I'm going there by myself." Crumbs: "then why are with us then?" Dollop:"because you know we're close friends, and whatsoever." Happy: "okay,come." Crumbs: "well...aren't we're going to my locker?" Happy: "yes." Dollop: "for what?" Happy: "it's because she doesn't know how to open her locker." Dollop: "wow." Happy: " I know, and she makes me open it." Dollop: "wow, that is just sad." Happy: "I know, lets go?" For some reason crumbs felt hurt at the time but she promised herself that she'll won't tell on happy again,because remember what happen last time. Anyways crumbs thought every time happy is with dollop she becomes evil again. Well...that's it for now bye!

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